a new wave to jump into….

In the last few years, I have stepped into the world of instructional design for online teaching and learning – first by taking a course as preparation toward the goal of teaching online in the field of my doctoral studies, then through securing an internship that led to working as an Instructional Design Associate for the last year and a half, then also exploring an internship as an Instructional Design intern, then following up on a job posting that happened to cross my desk.

The experiences of the last few years have gone far beyond the basic preparation for teaching that I was seeking initially.  I have had the pleasure of interacting with people across the field of online teaching in higher education – those who research, those design, those who teach, and those who develop initiatives.  In most cases, I was able to dip my toes into the foam on the beach as each of these waves gently brushed up against my feet on my journey, but now I will be jumping directly into the wave.

Sadly, I move on from these experiences in one way and gladly, I deepen these experiences in another.  Next week, I take on a new position as an Instructional Developer working with faculty on one of the campuses in our large system of campuses.  I will be helping faculty as they develop new online courses and incorporate technology into their blended and flipped classes.  It seems to be an exciting time to come aboard and I look forward to meeting new colleagues and learning new things within what seems to be an expansion of programs.

At one of the internships, I met one instructor of Differential Equations who was trying out some interesting innovations; we had several conversations about learning and his goals/philosophies.  We worked together really well, and I felt fortunate to have had such a good experience of what the ID and Instructor relationship could be.  I am hopeful that I will find the same kind of relationship with many other instructors along the way.  I am very interested in designing and developing instruction in collaboration with faculty and learning more about useful instructional technologies that will help them to meet their desired learning outcomes.